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Automate Continuous Deployment with DeployHub OSS

For Agile DevOps Teams Who Want Fast, Repeatable and Agentless Software Deployment

Automating software delivery does not need to be expensive or complex. Open source tools solve this problem. DeployHub is the first open source continuous deployment tool built by developers for achieving agile DevOps using agentless deployment technology. DeployHub release management features includes a Blueprint Designer for Application Packaging, endpoint inventory reports and integrates with tools you use such as Jenkins, Ansible and Docker.

DeployHub allows developers to define the software deployment package and logic once, and then push it forward where it adapts to the next environment in the continuous delivery pipeline - even when environments are mixed.  Automated software deployment driven by the continuous delivery pipeline is the ultimate goal of agile DevOps. And doing agentless deployment is the quickest way to get it done. 

Join the community to help build a better way to do agile DevOps creating freely available automation for software delivery. 

 DeployHub ARA Features

Continuous Deployment - Reduces deployment times by 95%  checkmark
Easy to install - no end target agents checkmark
Easy to configure - less than 2 hours gets you deploying to production checkmark
Integrates with Infrastructure Configuration Management checkmark
Push or Pull deployments with version 'jumping' checkmark
Database Management Support checkmark
Pre-Built Reusable Deployment Actions and Workflows checkmark
Jenkins and CloudBees Plugins checkmark
Multi-Platform (Linux, UNIX, Windows, z/OS, iSeries, Cisco Routers) checkmark
Rollback and Roll Forward Recovery checkmark
Environment Modeling and Management checkmark
Continuous Feedback Loop from Build to End Point checkmark



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