Continuous Delivery with Application Release Automation

Because automating deployments should not be expensive!

Continuous Delivery tools like DeployHub with full Application Release Automation features to support continuous deployment can cost $250-$1M when you buy from our competitors.  In fact these high priced legacy licensing models are a road block to building out continuous delivery. DeployHub Pro is value priced - meaning you only pay for what you use.  DeployHub Pro includes additional application release automation features important to continuous delivery including role based security, enhanced auditing, release train management, change request tracking and technical support. If these features are important to you might consider an upgrade to DeployHub Pro.

DeployHub Pro keeps cost down by using a value based licensing model.  Licensing is based on an "Application" so you only pay for the value you receive.  Generally a "project team" would require one or two Applications.  




10 Pack Annual Subscription


10 Applications, unlimited Deployments, unlimited Seats, includes Support

50 Pack Annual Subscription


50 Applications, unlimited Deployments, unlimited Seats, includes Support

100 Pack Annual Subscription


100 Applications, unlimited Deployments, unlimited Seats, includes Support

Contact OpenMake Software for more information on pricing options at 505.424.6439 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 



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